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Written by on April 11, 2016

When we started the Freshdesk Reseller Program in 2014, it was with one goal: to enable businesses around the world, no matter where they were from or the size of the customer base they had, focus on customer service first and foremost.

With more than 200 resellers in more than 35 countries, helping us with sales and converting customers, I would say that our efforts are paying off and we are getting closer and closer to our goal.

But this is not just about the money or the love of the customer we are accumulating, we have worked on building a strong relationship with our resellers so that they find themselves involved in the Freshdesk dream, just as we are. In this way they feel comfortable with the products they work with and pass this trust to the customer when it comes to offering a Freshdesk service. To complete this goal, we participate and organize more than 25 events with our resellers, and there are still 10 more planned for the first half of this year.

But that’s a matter for another time! Today, all we really want to talk about is our first Global Freshdesk Reseller Conference we hosted a week ago. A two-day event only, but full of ideas, networking opportunities, and above all fun. See resellers from around the world – Brazil, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Belgium, India, Philippines, etc – who have gathered to share knowledge and share tips.

Take a peek at the pictures and see what went down .


Top 5 Topics for Resellers

 1. Collaboration with other resellers:

When people share the same interests and face similar challenges, they are placed under one roof, very interesting debates happen. Everyone knew something they could offer each other; There was a great collaboration between all. At the end of the event, each resale came out with a lot of product ideas, best practices, new tactics and strategies to work on. A win for all! As Konstantin Frolov, CEO of Swingbyte, Russia, said with excellence in a nutshell, “The Freshdesk dealer conference was a great opportunity to meet key people and see Freshdesk committed to building exceptional products and growing our mutual business. The rising rates of new customers in 2015, allows us more aggressive planning for 2016. ”

2. Gain insight into the Freshdesk product suite:

No matter how much material and tutorials the products you see, this will never come close to a demonstration session led by the developers of the products. And that’s what happened during the conference. When talking to the developers, the partners have not only heard the Director say how the product got where they arrived, but also can discuss and find out what problems the product proposes to solve and the best use cases for each deployment of a feature and Improvements where it is already used. The partners also glimpsed how the new trends are influencing our product roadmap, something Romain Herve, the co-founder of Cirruseo, France, was very excited about.

“Cirruseo gained more than 40% of new business with Freshdesk and 165% with Freshservice in 2015 compared to 2014. After the conference, we are very excited, and rethinking our growing time and effort investment strategy with Freshdesk . “

3. Growth with Freshdesk:

For partners, this event gave them the first opportunity for a deeper understanding of the long-term growth of Freshdesk, with the goal of becoming a global powerhouse in the SaaS model. Our CEO, Girish Mathrubootham and COO, Nishant Rao, talked a lot about the role resellers will play in our growth strategy, and how they can benefit from more focused investments.

“The Freshdesk Partner Conference,” Lennart Benoot, founder of Mincko, Belgium, enthusiastically said, “- confirmed what we already knew: excellent team, very strong product line and a great network of partners. Fully energized and ready to take on the next set of challenges to make this business grow to its full potential. ”

We are happy to have you with us too, Lennart!

4. Networking with Freshdesk People:

Through formal sessions and hilarious informal encounters, our partners were able to come face to face with the faces they usually call conversion and email exchanges. Selwyn Uy, CEO of i4Asia, was very pleased with this opportunity. “I believe that Girish’s goal of making us feel the Freshdesk culture,” he said, “has been fulfilled. Personally, I’m happy to have met all of you.”


It was also a great opportunity to show them our office and introduce them to the people who made Freshdesk what it is.

 5. Concentration on the Profitability of the Resale:

We set up sessions to show use cases and best practices so our resellers can leverage more recent and less-explored income-generating opportunities and improve their own business strategies. These sessions were designed to better empower resellers with adequate knowledge to plan their income strategy, providing additional value to their customers, something Yannick Pirard from Check Your Service, The Netherlands, enjoyed very much. “This conference of resellers,” he said, “opened our eyes to a plethora of Freshdesk opportunities to make use of. Our focus will obviously be Freshdesk and use more resources to make the most of the opportunities.”

 6. Experience of Indian Culture:

From our “Atithi-Devo-Bhava”, the famous welcome up to the “Tuk Tuk” tours, the Freshdesk retail conference was a great way for the partners to have an experience of the multicultural giant India.

And this is just the beginning, because the Freshdesk Global Retail Conference is going to become an annual tradition! So if you want to be part of it, enroll in our program reseller today!


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