Como utilizar a HDI para aumentar sua produtividade?

Written by on June 20, 2016

When we’re out of the IT environment, we get the impression that it’s all very easy and simple what support analysts do, basically it’s sitting in front of a computer and responding to email. But when we get into the IT universe, we see that things do not work out that way. It is necessary to work hard, to specialize and to count on the help of indispensable solutions.

If you are in search of knowledge, good practices for solving your day-to-day problems, and knowing the indispensable solutions that will help you achieve perfection in service, HDI may be a great place for you to stop by. HDI is currently the world’s largest professional market association for Help Desk / Service Desk and customer support. Every year the HDI Brasil International Conference & Expo takes place, an event for IT professionals. In 2016, the event took place in São Paulo from the 20th to the 22nd. There were several suppliers of IT solutions, and the presence of several professionals from the area, who went there to learn, teach, and good networking. Freshdesk was present at the event presenting its innovative ITMS solution, Freshservice.

During each event, there were several lectures related to the IT environment – difficulties, solutions, market experiences, among others. A very remarkable speech was that of Giuliano Machado – Customer Service and Customer Relations Manager – from Mega Sistemas, who said about Gamification, a game mechanic to stimulate performance. The speaker commented on how he uses this feature to reward top-performing analysts with travel, dinners, giveaways, etc. And how this helps to optimize performance and motivate the team to continue performing quality work.

We have to agree that customer support is not always a sea of roses, and sometimes we end up frustrating, either with the arrival of numerous requests, or even answering calls from customers spitting fire. And if your team is not happy to provide care, you can be sure that these feelings will be passed on to your clients. The way that support analysts provide customer service directly impacts customer retention, who is it that likes to talk to a dry, thick person on the other end of the line? I sure do not!

We all need fuel to keep running, and in the IT environment this fuel is the motivation to achieve something. Only the salary at the end of the month is no longer enough. We humans need the feeling of winning, the feeling of achievement.

Today IT managers face a relentless battle to find the right person at the time of hiring, and when they believe they have made the right choice, in 6 months or a year the analyst is unmotivated and directly impacting customer satisfaction, and Team performance. Many companies have absurdly drawn-out hiring processes, can filter and hire people exactly with the personality they want, the problem is in maintaining the team spirit. Three very interesting points that really make the analysts “buy” the idea of wearing the shirt, and that make them feel that they really are helping for the growth of the company are:

1. Make goals clear – Make sure everyone knows the business / industry goals and what each person needs to do to achieve those goals;
2. Involve the team in results – Make it clear that team effort is what really matters. Use team reward methods for achieved goals, as well as individual compensation methods based on contribution to team and achievement of objectives;
3. Recognize, leave your morale high – We will always act more productively and better, when we know that we are being recognized for the hard work we do, and that we really have a positive impact on team and company performance. (We all want our moments of glamor, right?)

And that is where a tool that will help you in team goal management, stimulation and reward for good performance, better results, greater satisfactions, and a more engaged team comes in. All of this you’ll find in Freshservice, a solution that makes your life easier on day-to-day support, and makes serving more fun and intuitive. All this has been discussed and demonstrated in great detail at the HDI event, so if you can not go this year, try not to miss it next time. We will be there to teach you how to be the master of IT, and how our solution can break the paradigm – support is not always a sea of roses.

This article has been translated by Luiz Heringer


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